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You'll Rethink Your Social Hospitality Marketing Strategy When You See These Statistics


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Fast Company recently compiled a listing of the 10 most surprising Social Media Statistics. While most of this information isn't super new (or surprising) if you have been in this part of the market segment for a long time like I have, it is still relevent, especially to the group I like to refer to as...、

...Laggards. Late bloomers. Johnny-come-latelys.

If you happen to fall in that category and are still wondering if your hotel marketing mix can benefit from social media, this post is for you.

Here are the top six reasons you need a mobile/social/digital strategy in 2014:

#1) 25% of smartphone owners between 18-44 years old say they can't recall the last time their phone wasn't within earshot

This means they want to stay connected and most likely in the ways you may think of as counterintuitive. For example, a smartphone is not really simply a device for telephone calls any longer. It is used for texting, social channels and web browsing. With this age category, the last thing they want to do is TALK to you or anyone at your property. So, your social channels need to be easy to navigate and relevant.

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