Wintour Attended Pre-Launch Conference with Guangdong Rising Tourism


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Key members of Technology Department and Customer Service Department of Wintour, led by CEO Mr. Truman Huang, attended the communicating conference right before the launch of official website of Guangdong Rising Tourism at Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou on March 21.


The two parties had a full discussion on the realization of membership system and operational process. As the website designer, Wintour also inquired Guangdong Rising Tourism about how they think of the newly launched website and received lots of feedbacks from the group. Wintour further adjusted some details of the website to ensure its successful operation. Both the parties showed great confidence in their future in-depth cooperation.


In 2014, Wintour is focusing on customized development of online selling system for hotel groups. Currently Wintour has boasted several celebrated hotel management group as its customers, such as BTG Hotels and Guangdong Rising Tourism.

(Website of Guangdong Rising