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Build Value for Guests Through Package Deals


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TripAdvisor recently released their latest TripBarometer and in it they highlighted an opportunity gap for Hotels. 44% of travelers are looking to book a package through their hotel, while only 4% of hotels were offering any form of package. A common misconception about packages is that they are only applicable to more traditional “vacation” packages. These packages may be easier to sell, but with a little creativity any property can leverage their surrounding area and offer something unique that sets them apart from their competition.


Value Added doesn’t mean Discount

A common misconception about packages is that they must offer a discount for travelers. While those that offer discounts are very attractive, many travelers are looking for the convenience that a package can bring. Besides booking at your hotel, how many transactions are your guests making during their stay? Between their transportation arrangements, 2-3 meals a day and any additional leisure activities they may be interested in, the average guest has a lot of work and planning to do. These transactions can stack up quickly, and a hotel that offers guests a more convenient way to plan their trip has the upper hand on one that doesn’t. Bundling as many of these together as possible can save travelers a lot of time and hassle, which to many, is as important as saving them money.

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