Congratulations on BTG Hotel Websites Launch


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Here we would like to express our warm congratulations on launch of the websites of our dear partner Beijing Capital Tourism Co., Ltd. (BTG Hotels) today.


The websites we have developed for BTG Hotels are composed of a booking website ( and a group website ( The booking website is mainly to provide online booking service to customers while the group one is for the brand introduction & propaganda of the hotel group. We, served as the technical consultant and supporter of the BTG Hotels, have brought wonderful visual improvement in designing these two websites. Furthermore, we have perfected user experience of the hotel websites by clearly showing the product details and simplifying booking process.


The Group of BTG Hotels was founded in 1999 and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. The company mainly engages in hotel management, tourist attractions, travel agencies, etc. Currently it has developed into a large-scale comprehensive tourism listed company in China.


BTG Hotels focuses on hotel brand operation & management. For years it has been striving to seize the rule of hotel brand chain operation with its unique “ brand + capital” strategy. In the meantime, the group has been eager to learn from the advanced operation & management modes of overseas hospitality brands. By more active capital functioning, BTG Hotels will speed up multiple-brand development, build up a full-scale brand system, give prominence to the brand feature & culture and cater to the individual requirement of customers with multiple brands. In the future BTG Hotel promises to the most influential hotel group in China and an international hotel group rich in Chinese characteristic.