Wintour Invited to Deliver Lectures for Member Hotels of BTG Hotels (Group) Co. Ltd


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Wintour CEO Huangxin delivered lectures for BTG member hotels at the invitation of BTG Hotels (Group) Co. Ltd. The lectures were focused on the WeChat Hotel Marketing and widely welcomed by the attendee. 

The general content of the lectures included Hotel Marketing on WeChat Platform, Practical Operations on WeChat, Methods to Set Up Hotel E-commerce Platforms, WeChat Hotel Services(Preperation – Operation - Marketing), as well as How to Manage Hotel and Serve Customers with Wintour’s Dossm Systems. Besides, Mr. Huang also shared the latest hotel marketing knowledge with the attendees.

Attendees actively interacted with Mr. Huang during the lecture. They asked many questions on hotel management and Wintour hotel management tools. Wintour’s upcoming Dossm 2.0 system attracted great attention introduced by Mr. Huang during the lecture.

Compared with Dossm 1.0, the 2.0 version was more easy and convenient to the hotel management and focused more attention on user experience.