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What Guests Expect for Luxury Hotels


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An Open Letter to Hotels

Dear Hotel:

You call yourself a luxury hotel.

Well, you're slipping.

Please check out our definition of a luxury hotel.

And our standards of five-star hospitality service, as defined by hotel guru Eric Weiss.

See: I want to love you, but you must earn the love.

And there are lots of hotel trends I'm really not loving.

I've detailribed them below, and how you can do better.

Thanks for listening.

Sincerely, Luxury Traveler


Policy Gaffes

Bad: Charging for every amenity in your room, save the sheets

Better: Hiding it in a “resort fee”

Best: Including the wifi, water, snacks, and shoeshine in your room rate

Bad: Faux "pet-friendly" restrictions and fees that penalize your pet and you

Better: If you’re a hotel that doesn’t want pets, don’t give mixed signals; just bar them entirely

Best: Welcoming pets (cats too) with no restrictions or fees; that's a pet-friendly hotel policy (as at The Point in the Adirondacks)

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