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Hotel SEO to Adapt to Google Hummingbird Algorithm I


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I know that the search engines contribute at least 50% of bookings on my hotel website, and that organic search and SEO best practices are constantly evolving. I will keep my website SEO up to par by creating high-quality, helpful, engaging and relevant website content because I understand that this type of editorial-level content is rewarded with high search engine rankings. This includes continuously creating new content around the unique, local experience that represents my property.


SEO is not a static science - search engine results are constantly in flux because of Google's ongoing adjustments to the layout and algorithm. As a matter of fact, Google performs over 500 updates to its search algorithm every year.


More details at http://www.hotel-online.com/press_releases/release/smart-hoteliers-2014-top-ten-digital-marketing-resolutions