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9 Top Hotel Ceos Talk about Wi-Fi


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If there's a subject nearly every traveler can agree on, it's that hotel Wi-Fi should be as fast and as cheap (read: free) as possible.

Below are quotes from 9 top hotel CEOs that address travelers' insatiable demand for Wi-Fi and how and why hoteliers are coming around to free access.


Christopher Nassetta, Hilton Worldwide

The big thing that we hear from customers and that we're very actively trying to respond to is Wi-Fi charges. I think where that is headed, and we've tested it and rolled it out, is a tiered pricing plan. Customers have said that there is a basic level of Wi-Fi that they want, that's a normal part of their life.

It's like turning the water on when you want to take a shower or flipping a light switch and expecting the power to come on. It’s about, as we talked about earlier, choice and control. The digital existence is so much a part of our existence.

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