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9 Advices for Hotel Ancillary Revenue


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The one area where hotels do still have the competitive edge over online travel agents is when the customer walks through the door. It’s here, when the guest is immersed in the hotel experience, that hoteliers have a chance to upsell everything from innovative in-room services like childcare to spa treatments, tours and activities, a cocktail in the bar or a shuttle to the airport.

Yet a new report from EyeforTravel – Ancillary Revenues in the Hospitality Industry – finds that many hotels are not yet grasping the opportunities. In fact, just 20% of the 218 hotel and resort revenue managers who were surveyed for the report have implemented a revenue management system (RMS). More troubling still, is the fact that food and beverage – what RMSs account for most effectively – is only measured in 35% of hotels.

The good news, however, is that over 50% of hotels are making ancillary revenues a priority for 2015, a case not hard to justify:

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