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8 Ways to Use Your Hotel's Post-Stay Email to Your Advantages


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If you’re like most hotel marketers, you dedicate most of your marketing chops to building your hotel’s brand, luring travelers to choose your hotel with carefully chosen copy, internet hotel advertising and engaging marketing campaigns.

But, what happens after the guest checks out?

This is where a majority of hotel marketing staff drop the ball. Most hotels send out a generic, yet polite, thank you email that weakly ask for feedback. It’s impersonal and doesn’t have a strong call-to-action (s) that entices the guest to continue their relationship with you.

Several hotel reservation systems offer the post-stay email as an optional feature. And most hotels that do take advantage of the email simply use the standard, pre-written verbiage the system suggests.

My recommendation is to NEVER settle for the standard or pre-defined copy that is given to you.

The power of the post-stay email is HUGE and all it takes is knowing on how to use this email effectively to add more value to your guests, garner positive reviews, and improve guest retention.

All of this equals one thing: More bookings!

Here’s how to make the most out of the post-stay email’s benefits to get more business:

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