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8 Reasons why Visitors aren’t Booking on Your Hotel Website


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The best tricks and tips in hotel e-commerce are some of the most crucial elements to convert a looker into a booker. Average hoteliers may not be aware of what’s missing from their website and preventing group business from converting.

Without these smart hotel e-commerce must-haves, you are potentially losing a lot of conversions. In fact, I encourage you to locate where visitors are “dropping off” and not progressing as far as you would like nor completing the transaction. (Here’s a helpful how-to article by Google to analyze your visitor flow)

Here’s a list of reasons why people aren’t clicking “Complete My Reservation” and are abandoning your hotel website. I also have advice on how to make the adjustments so visitors have a better user experience and you see a result of increased hotel business.

1. Your Hotel Offer Is Valid For The Next Year

2. NO Clear Call To Action

3. Too Many Pages To Completion

4. Requiring a Sign-In for Completion

5. Rate Information & Promo Code Field Is Too Far In The Funnel

6. There Are No Images

7. Not Optimized For Mobile & Tablet Conversions

8. Something Didn’t Seem “Fitting”

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