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Examples of Stunning Hotel Web Design


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As with pretty much all areas of business and consumer branding, hotels are increasingly becoming almost completely dependent on the internet for their bookings and subsequent sales. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that the hotel’s website gives off the right impression to potential visitors.

After all, first impressions always count. Therefore a bold, busy website could suggest that the hotel itself is loud and perhaps a little rough around the edges. This might be ideal for backpacker’s, but if you want 5* luxury, it’s minimalist design all the way.

Here are some of thebest hotel websitesgoing at the moment; ranging from classic designs, to more modern and polished styles.

Minimalist Hotel Web Design Examples

1.Wynn Las Vegas

This website lets the amazing architecture of the hotel speaks for itself – an amazing image dominates the screen, and all website options are kept neatly out of the way. At first glance, the standalone image almost represents a postcard. The only thing not so great is the cheesy automatic voiceover as you enter the website.

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