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Seven Challenges for Hotel Mobile Website Design


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Mobile web design for hotels is another exciting development in the world of hotel marketing as more travellers research and book hotels using mobiles. In a survey by leading travel site, TripAdvisor, nearly 40 per cent of respondents have planned trips using mobile devices while 60 per cent have downloaded travel apps and 52% researched restaurants on their mobile device.

Here are seven challenges hotel website designers need to overcome to create mobile-compliant hotel websites.

Simple site architecture

With the time-critical nature of portable devices, usability guidelines for mobiles are different thanfor PCs or laptops. To make your site cross-platform friendly, a website must meet user’s expectations and needs very quickly with smart navigation, easy-to-read content, minimal images, intuitive links and a simple booking process. Find out how your site looks on a mobile browser with this clevertool.

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