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The Top 7 Hotel Blunders on Travel Reviews


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Even though travel review websites are gaining popularity and significance among travelers, many hoteliers still do not leverage travel reviews to their hotel’s advantage. It is very important to respond and interact with guests through reviews, in order to prove that their voices matter, fix any issues that are mentioned and improve the credibility of your hotel. On the positive side, many hoteliers may have several ideas on how to respond to positive and negative reviews. However, it is important determine which responses and behaviors to avoid in order to consistently convey a professional response to your guests. Without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 blunders hotels make with travel reviews.

1. Allowing for one-sided conversations: Guests take precious time and effort to write out thoughtful and sometimes even emotional reviews. Don’t leave your guests hanging; continue the conversation with them and let communications end with a good note, preferably through someone in the hotel’s management team. If you don’t take at least an equal approach to engage with your guests, then they may look somewhere else for attention.

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