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5 Ways to Improve Hotel Website Conversions


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Getting direct bookings through your hotel’s website is a constant battle, one in which often leads to defeat rather than success. According to an article on Hospitality Times, hotel website conversion rates are normally between 2-3%, with approximately 95% of visitors abandoning the booking process before successfully making a reservation. Due to the discouragingly low percentages of hotel conversion rates, hoteliers may often wonder what they can do to increase business through their website. Worry not, the following are 5 simple ways for hoteliers to jump-start their way to higher hotel website conversions.

1. Simplify your booking process – Ease of use leads to opportunities for higher revenues.

Making it easy for customers to book reservations on your website is one of the simplest, yet very effective methods you can use to increase the number of bookings for your hotel. Instead of leading your potential customers through a lengthy and complicated booking process, it is highly recommended to shorten the amount of time and steps required to successfully make a reservation. By decreasing the number of obstacles between a customer and a sale, you greatly increase the likelihood of acquiring more reservations.

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