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5 Ways Sales Managers Ruin Wedding Business


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As a marketing strategist, I’ve always been on the sales side of group business and a part of a sales team. I recently grabbed a seat on the other side of the table when I started planning my wedding. In the course of two months, I’ve looked heavily at two domestic wedding destinations.


Both destinations have the pros and cons. I also discovered a few simple pieces of advice firsthand for venue sales managers who want to increase group business.


1. When you aren’t flexible with your clients’ schedule: Be cognizant of your clients’ needs. Everyone works in different industries. When a client is stating their only availability is early on a Saturday or Sunday morning or late evenings during the week, continuing to offer 9-5 weekday times is just a turn off and bad sales etiquette.


2. When you no-show: Emergencies happen, but in the event that they do, ask your Director of Sales & Marketing or sales buddy to contact all existing appointments to reschedule. If you no-show on your client it leads him/her believe that if there’s emergency during his/her big event, you won’t have a back-up plan.

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