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5 Content Marketing Ideas for Independent Hotel Owners


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You know you’re head and shoulders above the rest of the hotels in your area, but you aren’t getting a big enough part of the $144 billion pie that IBIS World reports the hotel industry brings in annually. Content marketing continues to gain momentum, with Content Marketing Institute reporting the average B2B marketer uses 12 different content marketing tactics. Take a look at your budget and consider making room for some of these content marketing ideas.

Capitalize on Local Attractions

Some hotels and resorts are vacation destinations unto their own, but generally visitors have an eye on the surrounding area in addition to the hotel room you lovingly prepared for them. Reach out to visitors heading to your area with an e-book and physical visitor’s guide combination that lets visitors in on local’s favorite spots. For example, if you own a resort near the Wisconsin Dells, consider talking up the natural attractions nearby and telling visitors about the local wildlife that make the lakes their home. If you’re located in a big city like Los Angeles, write a visitor’s guide capitalizing on your local restaurant or music venue knowledge to set it apart from dry, sponsored guides many chain hotels use.

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