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7 Best Practices for Feedback Management


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Bringing events to your community or facility is your life. Ensuring planners and attendees have a positive experience is what you strive for every day. But understanding your strengths and weaknesses and knowing how your clients’ view your community or facility can be harder. Asking for feedback is a vital part to any event.

Here are seven best practices for feedback management.

1. Define your goals. Seems simple – you want to know what the customer thought of his or her experience. But that’s not where it should stop. When defining your expectations, you must consider what you are willing and able to operationally change. For example, if your clients says that the food wasn’t up to par, you can change your menu selections, food suppliers and even chef if warranted. But, if there are lots of complaints about the layout of your meeting space, you cannot (easily) change this. And, don’t ask if you’re not willing to make adjustments based on client feedback.

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