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4 Ways to Recapture Share from OTAs


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Online Travel Agencies or OTAs such as Expedia, Priceline, and Hotels.com may seem to be doing hotels a favor at first sight. Guests book a room online through the OTA’s website and the hotel now has a customer it did not have before. Good right? Not exactly. OTAs take an average of 20-25% commission on each room sold while also taking away the relationship between your hotel and the guest. In fact, hotels could actually spend a lot less than the 20-25% commission taken from each room an OTA books and put it into marketing efforts. These efforts will drive the customer to book directly with the hotel and bring the relationship back between the hotel and guest. Here are 4 ways hotels can recapture share from the OTAs:

1.      Website

It is crucial that hotels are competitive when it comes to their website. Websites should be easy to navigate, contain engaging content, and paint a true picture of the hotel. All photographs should be professional and accurately portray what the guest can expect when arriving at the hotel. For example, using a photo of the one Executive Suite at your hotel on the ‘Rooms’ page of the website, when standard rooms are not as large or maybe not as up-to-date, will give guests the wrong impression and immediately create a negative experience for them when they arrive at the hotel. Hotels mustput their best foot forwardwithout creating expectations they cannot live up to.

Having a great website does not just apply to desktops and tablets, but also to mobile. Today, more people are beginning to use mobile phones for purchases, and this includes booking hotel rooms. If your hotel’s mobile site is not easy to navigate or you do not have a mobile site at all, you should correct this right away. Don’t lose a customer simply because it is easier for them to book on an OTAs site.

More information at http://www.e-marketingassociates.com/4-ways-recapture-share-otas/