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4 Travel Trends Shaping Online Marketing in APAC


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With mobile and last-minute bookings on the up, a rapidly changing and increasingly intrepid consumer, EyeforTravel’s Emily Assender finds that the opportunities in Asia are more exciting than ever

In Asia, where consumer trends are continuously shifting the way online travel brands build and market their product offerings, there is everything to play for. That’s what has emerged from recent research calls with execs from across the region. Now, with votes now in from a recent EyeforTravel survey which asked senior travel executives to share what they see as emerging opportunities in APAC, the writing is on the wall.

So what are five not-to -be-missed online marketing trends in travel for the region? Here goes!

1. Mobile: outpacing the desktop  

Mobile and social are changing consumer behaviour throughout APAC. Despite the diversity across the region, mobile bookings across the board are growing faster than desktop bookings. A recent report from the online travel agent Cleartrip highlights that 30% of its transactions today are coming via mobile. Clearly there is room for improvement in online marketing in travel, with mobile lighting the way.

The opportunity:EyeforTravel’s 2014 Mobile Report shows that 86% of travel consumers view 10+ images per website visit. At the same time, online media company for the global hospitality industry, Leonardo Worldwide points to media consumption being 30% higher on mobile than on desktop. Therefore, having a mobile strategy with rich visual content that ensures your consumer spends longer engaging with your website is not simply a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s essential.   

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