Wintour CEO as Lecturer Attends the 28th National Online Marketing Training Senior Course of Hospitality


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The 28th National Online Marketing Training Senior Course,  themed "How to Embrace New Challenges in 2014 for Hotels in the New Market and Situation", took place in Jinan on March 15, held by  CCCEM (China Center for Certified e-Manager). Mr. Truman Huang, Wintour CEO, attended the class as lecturer at the invitation of CCCEM to introduce marketing strategies for hotel online marketing.

The National Online Marketing Training Course is devoted to online marketing training for first class hotels in favor of hotels to develop online marketing channels and customer sources. In the big digital data era of mobile Internet and resource shared, with the changes in market structure and consumption models of hotel customer, there is no doubt about the coming of hotel online marketing in terms of the tendency of hotel developing or the real situation affected by Central Polices.

Mr. Truman gave an excellent two-day classes by means of his rich experience in hotel industry and advanced hotel online theories. He put forward strategies for online marketing keeping up with the times after analyzing the current conditions and existing problems in hospitality.  

The trainee were inspired and found the urgency of online marketing. They were satisfied with this training and gained confidence in confronting challenges of hotel industry in the rest of 2014.