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TripBarometer 2015: Five key traveler trends


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Five important 2015 traveler behaviors, including the top five markets or motivators for each trend.


1. Amenities continue to be an opportunity to win bookings.

Price, travel reviews and convenient location are most influential for travelers when booking an accommodation. However, 77% say amenities are also influential during the decision process. So which amenities should you focus on to encourage bookings?

Amenities that travelers find most influential when booking an accommodation:

1. Free in-room Wi-Fi – 74%

2. Free breakfast – 60%

3. In-room amenities – 58%

4. Free shuttle service – 35%

5. Staff who speak the traveler’s language – 35%


Tip: Offer two tiers of in-room Wi-Fi. While travelers continue to want a free Wi-Fi option, nearly 30% would be willing to pay extra for a super-fast connection. As music and video streaming continue to grow, offering a separate, higher-speed connection lets you satisfy guest needs and drive additional revenue.


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