Guests Focus on the Hotel Management in Today’s Internet Era at the Shenzhen Hotel Association Forum


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Shenzhen Hotel Associate hosted its 2014 Membership Representatives Meeting at Wuzhou Guest House on March 20th, presented by Directors or Executives from Shenzhen hotels. A forum also took place on that day, themed “Hotel Management in Today’s Internet Era”, presided by Wang Wenhui, Vice Manager from Grand Skylight Hotel Management. Guests who were invited to this forum were Cai Haiyang, CEO from Shanshui Trends Hotel, Huang Xiaohe, General Manager from ZTE Hotel, Qin Canhui, Head of Shenzhen Information System Security Engineering Center, Huangxin, CEO from Wintour Information Technology Co. Ltd.    

There was a hot discussion on this debate. Guests actively expressed their opinions towards to the hotel management in the era of internet developing speedy.

Huang Xiaohe said, hotel management in today’s internet era is just like “crack down vulgar tycoons, and carve up their properties”. “Crack down vulgar tycoons”means that providing free products and services to break down the industry orders and attract numerous customers. “Carve up properties”refers to redesign products and brands and revenue models by means of numerous customers which had been attracted.

Cai Haiyang noted, thinking in Internet to enterprise what water to humanity. Thinking in internet is a vital part of the sound progress of enterprise. In fact, the real product in hotel industry is service, and experience-style services are more welcomed. Even though there are many people visiting hotel’s website, the conversion is not high, which shows that the user experience of products or services needs to be improved. In today’s Internet era, attention should be more attached to the access to the information customer wants before booking , easiness and convenience when booking, and comment and feedback after booking. Hotels are supposed to take user experience as their priorities.

Qin Canhui stressed particularly, the security of customers’ information in hospitality today is quite important as many business are moved to online. Therefore, ensure the security of customers’ information becomes the focus people concerns.  

Huangxin said, hotel management in today’s internet ear equals to value reshaped for hotels run in traditional manners. It means to reconsider and create innovation in ways to communicate with customers, customers’needs and product designs by making use of modern Internet technologies. Nowadays, hotel managers are expected to discard their original management methods. Instead, they should cater to market change more actively and initiatively, particularly, promotion strategies for differentiated products and price plans, to meet with customer’s real needs.

The year of 2014 will be the first year for hotels in China to market online, with more and more hotels starts to focus on direct marketing. The development in Internet raises innovative changes to hotel’s customer groups and competition, which is the challenge and a chance for hotels. Moreover, mobile Internet and social media brings a historic opportunity for hotel to carry out direct marketing. Hotels should resorts to “overall direct marketing”, that’s to say, direct marketing channels including hotel website, mobile website, APP and WeChat.  

The forum was not going on for a long time, but there was a quite hot on-spot discussion. Many hotels paid close attention to the trend that combining the Internet to run hotel. It can be seen that confused about online marketing still exists in the mind of executives, however, expectations are much more. Hotels said they wish that Wintour can have a closer cooperation with Shenzhen Hotel in hotel online marketing. Huangxin noted, the best way to run hotel today is to change the way to communicate with customers, dig out and meet customers’ real needs with innovative thoughts,  and reconstruct service procedures.