Wintour CEO Invited to the 18th Annual Dinner of Les Clefs d'Or China


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The 18th annual dinner of Les Clefs d'Or China took place at Crowne Plaza Hotel Tianjin Binhai on Dec. 4 to 7, 2013.

The theme of this convention was that “GKIA (Golden Key International Alliance) make the world be filled with love”. The theme showed that “We all live in one world, work in the service sector, and make people feel that this is a warm world, even though we maybe let others down some time. However, we still go on in this industry and help people with our whole heart. At this moment, as GKIA goes to be 18 and stronger, we should reconsider and reexamine our goals to move on. Why love GKIA? Why should we work in GKIA? What are the targets and the promising of the GKIA?

In terms of the theme, GKIA arranged several training courses during this annual dinner for the employees. Compared with the conventions in the past, this was the only one with the most training courses in Les Clefs d'Or China. For example, Huangxin, CEO of Wintour Information Technology Co., Ltd, was invited as guest professor to give a lecture on hotel internet –Hotel’s Innovative Service in This Mobile Internet Era.

Professor Huang was acclaimed by the attendees when he showed up on Dec. 6, and his course was wildly welcomed and inspired the hotel executives. “Creativity” is a chase of every industry and it will be the hotels with great creativity that will go a long way.